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Supply Lists

2022-2023 Student Supply List

Requested Items for Use in Classroom Learning 

It is recommended that students arrive on campus with the following items daily. 

Students will keep these items with them. 

They will be using these school supplies in the classroom on a regular basis.

  • Pencils

  • Blue & Black Pens

  • Small erasers

  • Highlighters

  • Index Cards 

  • Headphones

  • 2 inch Binder 

  • Dividers for each class

  • Pencil Pouch for Binder

  • Recommended but optional:  colored pencils/markers

  • College Ruled Binder Paper

  • College Ruled Notebooks

Optional Items for Donation

If you would like to donate any items to the school, here are some ideas! 

Items noted with ** are priority items that are used frequently.

  • Pump bottles of hand sanitizer

  • Boxes of Kleenex

  • Package of Clorox wipes

  • #2 Pencils**

  • Glue sticks**

  • Post-Its

  • Index cards

  • Dry-Erase Expo Markers**

  • Graph paper

  • Lined paper - college ruled

  • Band-Aids

  • Gift Cards to School Supply Stores: Target, Walmart, Staples, Office Depot, etc.

  • New or lightly used books for our classroom library 

(to be given to English teacher)

  • College Ruled Notebooks**

  • Highlighters

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