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Brenda L. Scholl, Executive Director

Executive Director Brenda Scholl

It is my honor to serve as the Executive Director for River Islands Academies (RIA). We
started our program in 2013 with one school, River Islands Technology Academy. We
had about 350 students. There were no homes in the River Islands Development when
we first opened. We have been proud to grow along with the community. We now have
three elementary schools, STEAM Academy, River Islands Technology Academy, and
EPIC Academy, and we opened the 9 th Grade Academy this school year, River Islands
High School. We now have a student population of over 2,000 students. Our students
and staff are equipped with the finest and technology and are continually growing and
learning through professional development opportunities. These are some additional
reasons for our success:

  1. We know of the importance of equity as a driver of, and goal for, educational opportunity and
    achievement. Equity is a focus at our school, with the long-term goal of ensuring ALL students
    have access to a high-quality education. We celebrate diversity and opportunity for ALL!

  2. We know that the RIA Staff, along with our parents are essential to developing the future
    generations that will maintain our country’s status as a world leader. We take that responsibility
    very seriously and as a result not only focus on core academics but also on fine arts and good

  3. We know that it is essential to have parents involved in their child’s education and we ask that
    you volunteer in the classroom and at special school activities; communicate in a positive manner
    with the teachers and administration (share your ideas and concerns); and join/participate in the
    Parent Clubs.

The educators at our school are life builders — preparing kids for their future, which in turn ensures a
brighter future for all of us.

It is our shared belief that schools play a critical role as the bedrock of our civic society and in preparing
students to be successful, contributing members of our local, national, and global communities. So, our
goal is to have fun while preparing our students to be successful. We are College Bound!

The Theme for this year is “SYNERGY!” Together we can do ALL things!

All the Best to Each of You!

Brenda L. Scholl
Executive Director, River Islands Academies

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