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About RIAcademies

The mission of River Islands Academies is to provide students with a safe, supportive, character building, orderly educational environment in which each student can achieve his/her potential through specialized technology-based curriculum and experiential learning opportunities.
River Islands Academies will be a high-quality educational program for all students including all student subgroups, unduplicated students, and students with exceptional needs. The Charter School will educate the whole student through a curriculum that integrates technology with core academics, and Career and Technical Education opportunities in a positive learning environment. Students will complete a rigorous course of study enabling them to have educational and career choices beyond high school. Our student motto will be COLLEGE BOUND! Students will receive a rigorous instructional program preparing them for the pathway to college and career.
We believe
• Each individual can learn
• Each individual has unique strengths and intelligences
• Each individual is important and can make a difference in the world
• Each individual should be an active participant in his/her community
• Education empowers individuals
• Individuals learn best in a nurturing, non-threatening, respect-filled environment
• Technology is critical to the learning process
• Learning involves embracing challenge and being willing to risk
• Education is a team effort involving students, families, teachers, and the community
• Real world connections and relevancy enhance the learning experience
• Learning is lifelong
We believe students learn best in educational environments providing real life opportunities to explore, understand and apply the concepts and skills necessary to become independent problem solvers. The optimal learning environment is physically and emotionally safe; the teacher is compassionate, supportive and trusted; the curriculum is based in reality and presented in one-on-one or small group settings; the subject matter is appropriate, relevant, and intellectually stimulating. These conditions are met in a variety of educational settings based on individual needs of the students.
Students will have the opportunity to explore and experience numerous career pathways in technology. Example career pathways include, but are not limited to: information systems specialist; database administrator; software engineer applications; information technology manager, computer graphic artist, web designer, network engineer, programmer, software technician, and software applications support.
The “COLLEGE BOUND!” theme will be prominent throughout the Charter School. Students and staff will be encouraged to wear college logo shirts on Fridays. A COLLEGE BOUND! cheer will be shouted out by the students, parents and staff at the weekly Friday morning assembly. Communications, signage and website will display the motto. Teachers will use the theme as a basis for writing assignments and research.
The teachers collaborate in grade-level groups to develop an integrated curriculum aligned with the State Standards, and CTE Standards in the Information Technology Industry Sector. Using a variety of authentic assessment methods and standardized tests, students are evaluated to determine levels of competency and to measure progress.

Character Counts!!!

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