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River Islands High School Counseling Information

How does a students see the counselor?

Students are encouraged to email or message their counselor. Students can drop in at lunch/before school/after school (if a counselor is available).

How does a parent or guardian see the counselor?

Parents/guardians are encouraged to email or call their student’s counselor.

Change Procedures and Course Request

The Counseling Center has made every effort to match student needs with available classes.  Changes in schedules will only be made for students with scheduling errors like missing classes, academic misplacement or graduation deficiency.   In the interest of course planning purposes, counselors start working with students prior to the beginning of each school year and have students complete a course selection form.  Please note:  courses are year-long with an exception of selected electives.

Course Credit Information and Important Guidances 

A semester class is worth 5 credits; a year class (two semesters) is worth 10 credits.   

Failed courses (grade of F) earn no credit.  Required classes that are failed must be repeated until they are passed. If a student fails a graduation requirement class, she/he must meet with her/his Counselor to plan for credit recovery in order to remediate the course to receive a River Islands High School Diploma.  Classes in which a student earns a grade of a D will count towards graduation requirements but will not count for college eligibility.

Courses that are repeated earn credits only once unless noted in the course description.  For example:  If a student earns a D in Integrated Math I and then repeats the course the next year earning a B, the D grade will remain on the permanent record but will earn no credits.   The B grade will earn 5 credits and the higher grade will be used to calculate the total GPA.  A minimum of a C grade is required for college eligibility. 

Counselor Contact Information

Kaci Carignan

Email:  [email protected]


Breanna Lake



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